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Giải pháp Sản xuất tin tức của Sony

Creating fully integrated end-to-end solutions for broadcast news, sports and magazine production.

Sony's Network Production Solutions

With news coming from ever increasing and widespread locations and content being distributed across many platforms, any news production system today has to handle everything that is thrown at it and be flexible to produce content for TV, mobile, web or cloud, 24/7.

Sony works with leading broadcasters to design, implement and support critical news operations worldwide. We understand what makes a newsroom operate smoothly and efficiently, and have developed solutions that can be tailored to your precise needs, and evolve in the future.

Sonaps network production system

Central to the Sony news production solution is the Media Backbone Sonaps network production system. Sonaps is a shared, collaborative, and integrated end-to-end production system ideally suited for live production environments, such as sports, events, highlights, magazines, parliamentary debates, elections, etc.

This flexibility makes Sonaps ideal for news. It uses open standards and a scalable platform to provide an optimized workflow for everything from planning and acquisition to ingest and editing, and play-to-air, channel distribution management and archiving.

In news production, Sonaps integrates with newsroom computer systems, CG tools, automation and archives to enable a truly collaborative and integrated production environment.

Adaptable to all news operations

Sonaps can be tailored to everything from a small, portable, vehicle-based highlight editing platform to an enterprise-wide collaborative production environment. The Sonaps concept is about sharing content in the most efficient and cost-effective way. In the fast-paced 24-hour hard news operation or for traditional regularly scheduled news bulletins, the Sonaps flexibility enables a workflow that best suits the unpredictable and demanding production environment of the day.

Extending the workflow into the field

Sonaps is designed to work with most common broadcast acquisition standards, with particular efficiencies when combined with the XDCAM family, such as the automatic creation of metadata and EssenceMark™ data, the use of field logging, storyboarding and proxy EDL creation. It allows the required content to be on-air faster, more efficiently, and with higher quality than ever before.

Web-based contributions

Sony News Production is not confined to a TV station. The system is accessible to your journalists wherever they are. In a hotel room, you can get access to Sonaps using a web interface on a PC or tablet. It allows you to get the material list and playlist and it does the same things as the office-based version. With the editing application on your laptop, you can send a MXF-wrapped package to a folder location on the network that can be ingested into Sonaps back at base.

User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is anything the public might throw at you. It can be remarkable. But it needs to be controlled. Sonaps can handle it. What is more, Sony’s UGC module is a solution for sending live video streams captured by smart phones into your central media server for live on-air and post-processing, and for instant publishing to the web.

Cost reductions

Sony News Production solutions create operational efficiencies that offer up the possibilities of new revenue streams and profit lines. By integrating your operations around Sonaps, journalists and other staff can get on with what they do best: creating great content and getting it to air as quickly and efficiently as possible.